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We take the “hands-on” approach when it comes to training.  We spend most of the class time focusing on the actual procedure (how to create natural-looking lashes with extension), some advanced techniques (including layered look) and how to develop business.

We ONLY use the highest quality products from Korea imported by Eyelash Lab (with 4.9 star rating on Amazon.com). 

The class lasts about 4 hours.  You can add eyelash perm and kit to this class also.

Price: $300 for Training Only

          $500 for Training + Professional Kit ($100 credit)

Like everything else, we take the practical approach in this class as well.  Permanent makeup, once learned and skillful, can be a very profitable service for your salon/spa.

Theory, basic skills and the advanced “Feather Touch” technique will be covered in this class.

Call for details.

There actually is science to creating the brow shape that brings out the best in everyone.  We explain everything in plain English and set you on the right way.

Having worked with Damone Roberts in Beverly Hills, Yumi will let you in on the secrets of catering to the high-end clientele.

Learn to do them right the first time.

Call for details.

Facials: Little details make all the difference.  Find out why once you receive a facial from Yumi, everyone becomes a regular.

Skin Care: Learn how to formulate personalized masques for each skin type with ingredients that you can find in your everyday lives.

Microdermabrasion: Borrow the power of modern technology.  Learn how to use microdermabrasion machine effectively.

Call for details.

Eyelash Extension

Permanent Makeup

Brow Sculpting & Body Waxing

Facials, Skin Care & Microdermabrasion